Handheld Moxibustion

Handheld Moxibustion Medi-Aladin

With Handheld Moxibustion, Get Away from Sore Muscles

01.  Handle lid contains smoke and concentrates the effects onto the affected area.

02.  High strength special materials endure the heat above 280℃ and is harmless to human body.
The large open area at the bottom intensifies the effect.

03. The distance between the device and skin can be adjusted for young children and those who are sensitive to heat.

04.  The amount of heat can be controlled with the height-adjustor.

05.  The ergonomic handle allows you to remove the device as much as you want, getting rid of the danger of hit.
You can use the device wherever you want using the handle.

06.  Another type of lid is included so that you can use moxibustion both from the top and from the bottom.

Efficacy of Moxibustion from Scientific Point of View

Temperature Higher than 40℃ ▶ Blood Vessels Enlarged ▶ Blood Flow Increased ▶ Blood Circulation Stimulated and Metabolism Raised ▶ More Supplies of Oxygen and Nutrients ▶ Speedy Removal of Bodily Waste, the Amount of Antibodies And White Blood Cells Increased ▶ Increased Immunity

·  Korean Moxa Is Used Only.

·  Sajuari Moxa, Sajabal Moxa that grow in the West Sea beaches with sea breeze.

·  Only 100% Korean moxa is processed in the most effective way and is thus easy to use.

·  Harvested around Dano festival for the maximum effectiveness.

·  The best moxa gives you a soft, good moxa smell and the smoke has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects, preventing flu and eye troubles.