Shampoo BE-Dan

Oriental medicine Shampoo BE-Dan

Oriental medicine Shampoo


Contains 18 natural herbal medicine herbal substances Minimize scalp stimulation Harmful environment, skin irritation, weakened hair due to stress, strengthen hair root Dandruff Prevent itching

How to use

Gently massage the scalp with an appropriate amount (2 to 3 pumping) of the scalp to wash away the waste products, and rinse thoroughly with water to avoid residue. (We recommend that you do not use mixed products or rinse products with other products for quick effect

Hair Repair Essence


· Rich hair
· Natural and stylish hairstyle
· Preventing hair damage with sunscreen

How to use

After shampooing, apply the hair as if it were massage, then dry it again and apply it again.


If you do not rinse after shampooing, it may cause hair loss and discoloration, so rinse thoroughly.