“The Other Kind of Meal” Charmslim

Weight-control Food “Charmslim”

CharmSlim consists of natural foods only. It is a weight-control supplementary food.

Patent Registered (Patent Name: Health Supplementary for Weight-control and its Recipe)

·  A Variety of Nutrients and Minerals Included
·  Appetite Suppressed
·  Fiber-rich Product Helping Constipation
·  Effects Proved in Preclinical Trial - Fatty Liver and Neutral Fat Reduced


2009. 12. Sports Chosun 2009 Consumer Satisfaction Best Company & Best Brand Award

2009. 12. Hankuk Ilbo 2009 The Best Korea Awards

2010. 02. Hankuk Economy News Best Company

2010. 02. Sports Seoul Tradition-oriented Cosmetics Consumer Best Award