Cosmetics Dan

Herbal Medicinal Cosmetics Dan

-  DAN Essential Radiance Moisturizing Lotion

This is All-in-One cosmetic. Lotion, essence and cream are all combined into one. This one take can complete your make-up base.

All-in-One type - Lotion, essence and cream are combined for one-take make-up base. Moisturizing Lotion

· Herbal extracts reduce active oxidants. Antioxidative, whitening, anti-aging.
· Minimal use of chemicals. Less than 1/10 of preservatives and surfactants compared to others. No synthetic polymer or silicon oil included.
· Approval from Japan’s Department of Health and Human Services complete. Being exported to Japan.

-  DAN ReNouveau Mask Pack Peel off

Stress from the Sun and the Earth’s gravity are the causes of skin-aging. Cut a slack for your skin that has been tired from the inevitable gravity and times. Renouveau Mask Pack makes your skin young and firm

- Peel It Off When It’s Dry It’s more effective than any other combinations of cosmetics,
when used together with Essential Radiance Moisturizing Lotion and AtoDown

· Minimal Use of Chemicals - More than 5% of Whitening, Antioxidative, Antiaging Substances Are Included.
· Effective for Antiaging and Skin Improvement - As the Pack Dries, the Effects of Skin Firmness, Waste Discharge, Wrinkle Treatment, Antiaging.

-  Dan AtoDown Moisturizing Balm - for Dry Skin

Rich moisturizing cream for dry and sensitive skin.

Use with the Lotion when it’s very dry.

· Originally developed for natural atopy treatment. It can treat atopy with no side effects. Anti-aging.
· 5% of herbal medicinal extracts included. Great moisturizing ability, decrease of oxidative active oxidants, anti-inflammatory effect. Atopy treatment and anti-aging.
· The clinical study result shows atopy treated in 4 weeks.

Use in This Order

DAN Essential Radiance Moisturizing Lotion

DAN ReNouveau Mask Pack Peel off

Dan AtoDown Moisturizing Balm

01 /After washing face, apply all-in-one Essential Radiance Moisturizing Lotion.
02 /Apply Renouveau Mask Pack (wait for 15 minutes), when it’s dry, take it off.
03 /You don’t need to wash face again. Apply AtoDown, go to sleep.

Traditional Herbal Cosmetics based on Secret Traditional Therapies

- Joint R&D with the Department of Herbal Biotechnology of Daegu Haany University’s Research Center for Biochemical Resources of Oriental Medicine, funded by Ministry of Trade, Industry And Energy

- Patent regarding Cosmetic Substances including Antioxidative Herbal Extracts

- Produced by Daegu Haany University Cosmetics Factory